Aghora Foundation


Aghora Foundation was founded in 1999 with the purpose that every child, no matter what problems he or she might face, can develop healthily and turn into a successful, accomplished adult, through guidance and support. 

The main goal of  the Aghora Foundation is to promote pedagogical and psychological strategies for children in order to stimulate creativity and help them develop a well-balanced personality. 

We provide support for early detection of various types of disabilities in children (TSA, ADHA, hearing loss, cecity). 

For the last 3 years our priority has been the financial support of families with children in need, fundraising and donations ( toys, clothes, sweets) for special occasions - Easter, Christmas, New Year. 

Currently many beneficiary families receive annual or biannual help consisting of money, educational resources needed for speeding up recovery of a child with disabilities, cochlear implant accessories and for the payment of therapies for those with autism spectrum disorders. 

A child with special needs represents our main focus and it is our mission to help him or her in the process of becoming an adult and a great person.