CRVENI NOSOVI klaunovidoktori are professional performing artists specially trained as hospital clowndoctors. CRVENI NOSOVI are part of international organisation based in Austria, Vienna, RED NOSES Clowndoctors International.

Teams of two clowndoctors make regular clown visits to hospital wards.

CRVENI NOSOVI are visiting 7 hospitals in Zagreb and children's departments in hospitals in Rijeka, Osijek, Zadar and Split.

As soon as RED NOSES clowns appear in the pediatric ward, the air fills with fun and the children become carefree and happy, just like healthy ones. Transporting the children into a world of jokes, magic and music, and exuding a large portion of empathy, RED NOSES clowndoctors can make fear and pain quickly be forgotten. They give comfort and hope whilst bringing a new zest for life, and spice up the hospital room. 

CRVENI NOSOVI also visit home for elderly and disabled in Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Split.

The elderly in care often suffer from limitations in their mobility, perception, and ability to communicate. When RED NOSES clowns move around in geriatric facilities, they build bridges to the vital world of the youth. Using humor, the clowns activate pleasant memories within the elderly and integrate them into common games. The mobilization of older patients with dementia, depression and chronic illness is successfully supported by this clown care program.

Giving individual treatment as they visit their patients from bed to bed, they bring lots of laughter and brighter moments to the serious, real-life problems the patients are encountering.

Hospital stays, surgeries and tests are connected with fear, insecurity, and boredom - especially for children. The young patients often do not know what is happening to them, and do not understand the many questions and constant worry. They often feel lonely. No matter how good the medical care is, emotional needs and personal interaction are often neglected in everyday hospital routine.

A bridge between humour and health treatment is successfully created, increasing the quality of life and the well-being of those in medical care.

By bringing humour, solace and laughter into the hospital, clowndoctors boost the resistance and willpower of their patients.

In six years of our presence in Croatia we visited more than 70.000 sick and suffering bringing them joy and happiness.