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Hybrid heat pump: combining gas and heat pump for heating, cooling and hot water

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  • Technology: 
    A combination of air-to-water heat pump technology with gas condensing technology.
  • Efficiency: 
    Depending on outdoor temperature, energy prices and internal heat load, the system always selects the most economical mode to operate.
  • Application:
    Ideal for renovations.

Your Benefits

Low running costs for space heating

The hybrid heat pump always selects the most economical operation mode: heat pump or condensing boiler or both simultaneously. This results in 35% more heating efficiency.

Low running costs for domestic hot water

Condensing boiler technology converts waste energy from the flue gases into usable heat, virtually without loss. This technology increases efficiency up to 15% compared to traditional gas condensing boilers.

Limited investment cost

There is no need to replace the existing radiators (up to 80°C) and pipe work.

Ideal for renovation

The gas boiler can be installed without the heat pump in the early stages, to quickly restart heating in the case of a breakdown

Easy & Fast installation

The hybrid heat pump is delivered as three main components: 

  1. Gas condensing boiler
  2. Heat pump indoor module
  3. Heat pump outdoor unit

This makes it easier to handle and manipulate, and also easier to install as weight and dimensions per component are smaller than when assembled.

The 2-in-1 indoor unit: All the connections are at the bottom and all the components can be accessed from the front, which makes the unit easy to service and maintain.

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Hybrid technology